Thursday, April 26, 2012

Much needed Disney trip!

It's been a pretty stressful few weeks with the house hunt and Sean's crazy deadlines at work. So stressful that the company decided to treat Seans' entire department to a trip to Disney. Sean was pretty excited, so much that he had to come home and rub it in my nose. Never mind that the kids would be heartbroken that they weren't invited.

I can't remember the last time I left the house, let alone go out as a family for a day of fun. So you could imagine how upset I was when he got to go have a great time and I was stuck babysitting the kids and left to deal with the realtor's. Finally I just blew up. I lit into him for at least two hours before he left on his "day of fun". I went off on everything from the move to being his live-in babysitter/maid. I had just had enough. I guess what I was really upset about was the fact that we never go anywhere. He never wants to hire a babysitter so we can go out and have a nice evening together. He just expects me to sit around here and teach, cook and clean. I felt unloved and taken advantage of. So I let him have it. I made sure he felt like s*** too. That way he could put himself in my shoes for once.

Well, I guess it worked. He came home that night at 8pm with flowers and a caramel apple. He also came home with a gift for the whole family....Season passes to Disney for all of us. We can go anytime we want as long as its on an off day. So instead of looking at houses this past Monday, we took the kids to Disney. 

Now taking a trip to Disney isn't as easy as you might think. We can't drive the van because it hasn't passed emissions and therefore remains unregistered. So, we had to call a cab to take half of us. Liam and Lizzie both get car sick, so we had to drug them both up and put them in the car with Sam. Declan, Cian, Mary, Fionn and I rode in the cab with a driver that had a major hangover. He smelled HORRIBLE, so much that he was making me car sick. Before all of this happened, Sean and I had to get up at 6am just to get everyone fed, dressed and bags packed for the trip. (We took tuns of snacks and drinks with us) It was also raining a bit, but that made it nice cool.

We got right in the park and headed for Pirates. I took Declan and Cian on the right with me. Cian SCREAMED like a baby the entire ride. Thank goodness we were in a car all alone. He kept asking when we were getting off. It's wasn't even scary. When we got back, Sean too Mary and Fionn on the ride. Mary had a blast! She is such a trooper, three years old and loves scary rides! Next we went on the Haunted Mansion. I took Declan and Fionn, since Cian was such a big baby. Fionn was a little scared at first, but soon had fun. Sean took Declan, Fionn and Mary on it as well. While the rest of us were waiting, we had a snack. This duck came walking up to us, quacking for a snack as well. He ate a cracker right out of my hand. Lizzie was so excited and tried to pet him. He didn't mind at all.

After we left the Haunted Mansion, we ran into Snow White. Mary was so excited to see her. She gave her a hug and told her she loved her. It was sooooo cute! I was hoping Lizzie would get to see her, but she was sleeping in the stroller. On a scary note, while Sean and the boys were waiting for us, Fionn saw Goofy at the castle and wondered off on his own. We were past the castle when Sean realized he wasn't with us. He went running back to find him. He had made his way to the other side of the castle in just a few minutes. He was looking for us when some father spotted him. That was when Sean found him. Pretty scary losing a child at Disney. For the rest of the day, he had to ride in the stroller unless he was on a ride.

After Snow White, we made our way to Tarzans' tree house, which I made Sean go on with the boys. Cian was once again a huge baby and didn't want to cross the bridge. We headed to see the princesses, but the wait was an hour long. So instead we went into the princess gift shop and bought Lizzie a princess Minnie doll and Mary a light up tiara. Lizzie didn't put her Minnie down the entire trip. After that we went to Toon Town. It was so packed. We made our way to Minnie's house. She was posing for pictures. The line was 30 minutes long, so Mary and I waited in it while Sean took everyone else to see Chip and Dales house. Once again, Mary was super thrilled to meet Minnie and gave her a big hug. She even got to go tour her house. I'll post those pictures at the end of this post.

After Toon Town, I took Mary, Fionn and Declan on It's a Small World. For being such a long ride, it sure is boring. The awful song gets stuck in your head for the next two days as well. Mary and the boys liked it, but it wasn't their favorite.

After Small World, my cell phone died so I couldn't take anymore pictures. (I really need a new battery) We headed to Buzz Lightyear next because Liam said that was what he wanted to see. Sean took him, Cian, Mary and Declan on the ride. The minute they got into the cars, Cian started bugging, screaming to get off. Liam sat with Sean and completely lost it. Thrashing, screaming, kicking his shoes off. Sean tried to distract him with the laser gun, but he wanted no part of it. At one point, Sean thought he was settling down. Instead he yells "I'm getting out of here" and tries to jump out of the ride. At this point, he threw his shoes into Declans' car, which Sean had to find. When it stopped, he went running out with no shoes on. Sean was so angry. Liam ran right up to me crying. I could feel his heart racing and he was trembling. Poor little guy, no more rides for him. Fionn, Mary and Declan had a great time on the ride. 

By time we were done with that, Mary really had to pee. So much that she was crying and the line for the restroom was pretty long. All the ladies saw she was crying and let her move to the front of the line. There is still hope for kindness in this world after all! Sean seems to think its because we were at Disney, you can't help but be nice there. Ye of little faith!

By 2pm, the kids were getting restless, so we drugged Liam and Lizzie back up and called a cab to pick them up. That wasn't as smooth as the morning cab. We had a hard time getting the stroller closed and it was a mess from the kids eating in it. The cab driver wouldn't shut up either. He just talked the entire ride. All I wanted was a little peace. We were home by 3pm. Put the little ones down for a nap and started in on dinner and getting the house cleaned up for the handyman to do a walk through at 4pm.

All in all, it was a pretty fun day. We learned a few tips for next time and some major dos' and don ts. We are going back Monday for Fionns' 5th Birthday!

House near beach.
2 story condo
Yard of house near beach.
On a more unpleasant note, we finally put in our first 2 applications yesterday. One we don't think we'll get. It's a mile from the beach and has a HUGE backyard with fruit trees. The other we have a good shot. It just doesn't have a backyard and is kind of small. However there is a huge park behind the house. Here are a couple pictures of the two. We should hear something by this weekend.

Finally, here are the rest of the pictures from Disney!
Minnie and Mickey dancing on Main St.

Fionn on Small World.

Mary in Minnies bed.

Mary in Minnies fridge.

Mary on Minnies computer.

Princess Sean

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Craziness

Easter was pretty crazy. With the house hunt in full motion, we were a bit preoccupied this year. Don't get me wrong, we still had the 48 egg hunt throughout the living room and kitchen. The kids all got Easter baskets with tuns of candy. We even received a wonderful basket of fruit from Edible Arrangements which Mom and Dad sent us. YUMMY!!!  We had a wonderful dinner from Costco, turkey with roasted veggies, ham with cheesy potatoes and strawberry shortcake for desert. Still, it was kind of sad knowing this would be our last holiday in this house. I'll post some pictures at the end of this blog.

The house hunt isn't going so well. We did find I really beautiful condo, two story 2100 sqft and only $2200 a month. They even allowed why so cheap?? Turns out it was only a 6 months lease because the owner was in bankruptcy. So there went that house.

The problem we are having, 4 bedrooms in this area is more expensive then we thought. The rental rates have gone up in the past 3 years. We may have to settle for another 3 bedroom until we are ready to buy a house next year. Sean is back at work now with no time to look, so we are dependent on real estate agents to help. Anyone who has ever had to deal with one knows they are just short of "bugger eating morons" as my husband would put it. An example, the lady that showed him the condo said "The aerodynamics in this condo are great for cooling in the summer." The ceilings were vaulted, if she had taken a simple physics course in college she would have know the electric bill would be higher, due to the amount of time the AC would need to run to cool the freaking place. I think Sean made her feel stupid, but then again, she should have kept her lack of common sense to herself.

It is still a bit early to look. Most places on the market now are available NOW and won't wait for someone until June. We're not sure if Keiko will let us out of the lease early, so we have to be cautious with our selections.

On a happier note, tomorrow is our 11 year anniversary! It's not our wedding anniversary, (we try not to celebrate that too much. Wasn't a happy memory for us.) it's the anniversary of our first date. After leaving work at 9pm, Sean took me to see a movie. The only interesting movie on at 10pm was Traffic, so that was what we saw. IT WAS AWFUL!! Not that we paid much attention to A few days later was Easter Sunday, and I invited him over to my apartment for a move and lunch. We watched Coyote Ugly and went to Z Taja's in Paradise Valley for lunch. It was a lovely afternoon and one I have never forgotten....We don't have anything planned. Since we now have to move, we won't be spending any money on fancy gifts this year. However, Sean did take the day off. So we will be spending the day together with the kids!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with their families! Pictures to follow, as promised!

Declan coloring eggs.

Fionn coloring eggs.

Cian coloring eggs.

Liam, Declan and Cian.

Sam enjoying his Dino from his basket.

Cian and Lizzie looking for candy.

Liam coloring eggs. He dropped it in the mug.

Liam, Declan and Lizzie.

Liam trying to eat his candy.

Mary and Lizzie with their baskets, after finding the eggs.

Cian with Anakin.

Mary with her tiara & Strawberry Shortcake book from Grandma.

Mary and Strawberry Shortcake. Her new faze.

Liam and his truck from Grandma. That boy won't wear a shirt.

Lizzie with here tiara and candy from Grandma.

Strawberry Shortcake!

More Strawberry Shortcake....

and more.....

Fionny with his green ball.

Mary, Fionn and Cian waiting to color eggs.

Finally, Mary and her Strawberry Shortcake.

Cian and his Strawberry Shortcake.

Friday, April 6, 2012

We''re Moving!

OK, so life has just gotten a little crazier around here. No Wednesday night at 9:30pm, just as we were headed off to bed, the door bell rang. It was a process server. Our landlord has decided to sell her two rental properties and our lease is up in 2 months, so she had us served with 60 day to terminate the lease papers.....

WOW, we didn't see that coming. Well, I guess we should have since she is 82 years old and has no living relatives. She's in pretty good health, but that could change at any moment. Sean called her as soon as the person left to find out if it was something we did. We have never been late on our rent in the 3 years we have lived here, so that couldn't be it. We did have her repair guy in our house this past week doing repairs to the roof and Sean got into it with him for just showing up whenever he felt like it and not giving any notice or even a time frame. I thought maybe he told her we were being unreasonable, but she was actually looking for someone to replace him, so Sean didn't think that was it. In the end, she said she's just getting old and her financial advisor told her to sell her properties. So, that's what she's doing.

So, after getting no sleep that night, Sean took the day off Thursday and is looking into real estate agents to help us find a new home. This is actually a blessing in disguise. Lets face it, we've outgrown this house. It's a 3 bedroom and only 1500 sq ft. Way too small for a family of 9 with two dogs and two cats. Sean is commuting over 100 miles a day for work. This is our chance to move to a town in the middle of his locations, which I must say, is MUCH nicer then where we are currently living. For a couple hundred dollars more, we can have a 4 bedroom with a big backyard and better location. This is going to be easy.............HA!!!!

Day 2- Sean decided to take a short leave from work to get this house hunting thing started. He contacted 2 realtor's yesterday. The first one was less than helpful and only sent us 3 houses in our price range, none of which were four bedroom. The second agent was much nicer and said she had 2500 listings for us to go through. She said she would send it LAST NIGHT....still waiting for those and it's nearly noon here. We are not off to a good start. Thank goodness real estate agents are a nickel a dozen. (Yes, I know I said that was intended) So, if we don't hear something from her soon, Sean said he would call her back. Otherwise we'll just find someone else.

On a happier note, here are a few new pictures of the kids. Hope everyone is having a Happy Easter weekend!
Mary and Liam, I love when she makes that face!

Fionny playing Dinosaur Train

Sam learned to stand up on his own!

Last, my beautiful Lizzie...isn't she cute!