Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas 2012..a little late.

 We have successfully made it through another Christmas. It actually started Christmas Eve with watching the first showing of 24 hours of a Christmas Story. Then it was on to getting the kids into their Christmas jammies for our annual group picture. Unfortunately, that didn't go so well. It is totally impossible to get all seven of our children to look at the camera, sit still and smile all at the same time......sigh. This was my best attempt. Fionn has his fake smile going on, Liam looks like a deer caught in headlights, Mary is too busy playing with a Cinderella toy, and Lizzie looks completely confused. Oh, and Sam is stuffing his mouth with a cookie. I finally gave up when Lizzie started throwing a fit. I did get a few really good individual shots.

After setting out cookies and carrots, it was off to an early bed. Sean and I watched It's A Wonderful Life while finishing some last minute gift wrapping. We had to go out to the van to get the rest of the boxes, full of wrapped presents. Sean had to trudge through the front walk way and stepped right in dog poop. He was so livid. Just before we headed to bed, we used Sean's dress shoes to make ash footprints coming from the fireplace. This is the first year we tried this and it was a big hit.

The kids had us up at 6am, but we needed to get up anyway to make the stuffing and get the turkey in the oven. Sean turned on A Christmas Story for ambience. The kids were upstairs bouncing off walls, literally. We were finally ready to start the madness around 9am. I had my phone for pictures and Sean was doing the video taping. They all came running down the stairs, one after the other. Mary was first, her reaction to all the presents under the tree was so cute. Such a big smile. The boys weren't far behind. Fionny was yelling, Declan had Sam were next, and they both were beaming. Cian was next, totally speechless. Lizzie was last to come down. She seemed excited but latched herself to Sean's leg. I think she was a little overwhelmed. Once they were all down, I tried to get them all in front of the tree and presents for another group shot, but that didn't work out so well.
This year we decided to start the present unwrapping from youngest to oldest. So Sam went first. Declan helped him open his first gift. Sam actually knew what to do. He ripped off the paper like a champ. It was a big, furry, talking Chewy doll. Lizzie was totally freaked by the thing, which was hilarious.

Lizzie was next to open her first gift. Declan had made a few gifts for his siblings, Lizzie included. So he wanted her to open his gift first. It was a mask from the Halo suit he made for himself a week or so ago. Needless to say, she didn't like it and was disappointed to lose her turn in the gift cycle. It was the thought that

Mary was up after Lizzie. Her first gift was a Merida doll from Brave. The girls love that movie and Mary couldn't wait to get it open. Lizzie was totally jealous and threw a fit, go figure. She didn't want to open anything else for some time after getting that doll.

After Mary was Fionn. His first gift was a Halo Master Chief Frozen thingy machine. I don't know much about the Xbox game other than Sean and the boys love it. But Fionn was totally thrilled with the gift and immediately tore the box open. He too, wanted nothing to do with opening more gifts after he got his hands on that.

Next up was Liam, His first gift reaction was my favorite. It was a simple Mickey Mouse  toy camera from The Disney Store. His face lit up when he saw it and he was jumping up and down for joy. He kept screaming "It's Mickey, It's Mickey!" I think we did a good job capturing his reaction in this photo. I don't know what that boys obsession with Mickey is, but its hysterical.

Next in line was Cian. He too received a Halo action set. It was some sort of Mongoose truck with a guy to drive it. Again, I have no idea what their obsession with Halo is all about, but I guess they could like worse things. Oh, did I mention the toy was destroyed within an hour? Gotta love cheap Chinese toys.

Finally Declan was up. His first gift was, a Halo guy, go figure. I think it was a Master Chief as well. He had that ripped open in a matter of seconds. The three boys were all playing with the Halo sets. Making explosion noises and jumping off walls. Everyone was happy except Lizzie.

I felt bad for her, so I gave her another gift while Declan was opening his. This time she was happy. She got a Polly Pocket play set. The girls saw a bunch of commercials for the dolls this season, so that's what they asked for the most. She wanted me to open it right then and there. I couldn't say no, so I let her open it. Of course those little parts were EVERYWHERE. I didn't know toys could be made that small.

The kids went through a couple more rounds of opening gifts before we stopped for cinnamon rolls and milk. Sean and I finished getting the turkey in the oven while they ate and played. We started up the gift handout again, and things got pretty crazy. We had to stop and start at least 4 or 5 times throughout the day. By dinner, the kids were completely overwhelmed and we still had all the gifts from Mom and Dad to open. we decided to call it a night and let them open the rest the next day. By time dinner was finished, and the kitchen cleaned, we were able to watch the last showing of A Christmas Story. The kids each took two toys to bed. Since Sean had to be up at 4:30am the next morning for work, we went to bed right after them.

I have to admit, this was not the best Christmas season. Sean's awful job robbed us of our time together. He was never around to watch all the Christmas movies and bake cookie. He didn't even get to do his window shopping before hand, which he usually does every year. He was miserable, which made all of us unhappy. Hopefully with a new year starting, he can find a new job that pays more and one he will enjoy. Here are a few more pictures of the kids. Happy New Year!

Christmas Night, after Santa came.

Not so great group shot.

My favorite photo all season, Lizzie fell asleep reading The Grinch.

Cian Christmas Eve

Declan Christmas Eve

Mary Christmas Eve

Fionn Christmas Eve
Lizzie Christmas Eve

Sam Christmas Eve

Fionns' favorite gift, remote control helicopter.

Declan's 3DS from Grandma & Grandpa (Not an approved gift.)

Declan with his Halo 4 men.

Declan in his Spiderman suit.

Lizzie playing with Cinderella and her coach.

Lizzie and her Minnie Pillow Pet.

Mary wearing Liams Buzz hat.

Another favorite photo, Sam riding his airplane.

Mary and her first tea set.

Mary and her light up Cinderella Barbie.

Grandma sent the girls this table set for tea parties.

Lastly, Sammy sitting on a present. He just sits where ever!



  1. Oh, I love all the pictures you got, your kiddos are so cute!! Nice to see them all together!

    Love your tree, with all the presents, looks so pretty!!

  2. Looks like the kids made out like bandits! ;)


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