Saturday, January 26, 2013

Crazy Disney Trip

Wednesday we took another trip to Disney, which got off to a rocky start. From our home, it's nearly an hours drive and we have two kids who get car sick, Liam and Lizzie. So an hour before we leave, we load them up with Dramamine. Lizzie hates the chewable kind and usually spits them out, so we have to find clever ways of hiding them in her food. We got nearly half way there when Lizzie vomits all over herself and the rental van. Wonderful, so I had to clean her up as best I could while Sean drove on the highway. We were just pulling into the parking lot when Liam started to whine and turn pale white. Thank goodness Sean stopped the van when he did, or I would have had to clean him up too.

While Sean went into Downtown Disney to buy Lizzie a new outfit, (She usually doesn't get sick, so I didn't bring her an extra change of clothes) I was cleaning up the back of the van where Lizzie was sitting. There was vomit all over her, the diaper bag and the floor. I wasn't paying attention to the rest of the kids, which was a big mistake because Liam crawled into the drivers seat and somehow managed to get the    m   .van into "drive" and it started rolling forward, very quickly. I was standing outside and had to leap into the van from the back, jump over the front seat and land onto the passenger side floor to push on the brake peddle. I pushed the wrong one at first and caused the van to go flying forward even faster, and then slammed on the brake, causing all the kids to go flying forward. Fionn was screaming, Lizzie was running after the van and Liam was howling with laughter. I started to panic because I have no idea how to drive and I had no idea how to put the van in "park", so I had Declan pull the keys out of the ignition. Now the parking section we were in was completely empty, thank goodness, because the van was sitting in the middle of an isle. It had rolled forward two and a half rows. I had no idea what to do, so I called Sean. He of course yelled at me for not keeping an eye on Liam and not knowing how to drive. He told me to pull the van into a parking spot, but I had no idea how to do that. I hung up on him and tried to compose myself. Climbed into the drivers seat and turned on the van. I couldn't figure out how to get the gear out of park, the shift thingy wouldn't move. I had no idea what I was doing wrong. Then I tried pressing on the brake peddle before moving the gear thingy, Walla! The on screen parking camera came on, so I used that to try an pull into the spot directly in front of the van. There was a small tree on the top right hand corner of the spot, so I had to try and avoid hitting that. I pressed the gas peddle a little too much at first, so I slammed on the brake, causing all the kids to go flying, again. Fionn was still crying, which was a huge distraction. After telling him to shut up and calm down, I tried again, slowly. I drove the van about a foot at a time until I couldn't see the line in front of the parking spot. I jumped out to see how much further I needed to pull it forward, only about two feet, so I pulling forward a little more. It wasn't a perfect job, the back right wheel was on the line, but it was better than I thought I could do. Sean showed up a few minutes with Lizzie's new outfit and yelled at Liam. He then proceeded to lecture me on learning to drive.

Once I got the van cleaned up and Lizzie changed, we headed into the park. It was dead, which was perfect for us. We decided to try California Adventure first, since we never get to go there. It was more crowed than Disney, but not too bad. We walked through Cars Land and headed to Soring Over California. I had never been on it, So I took Declan and Fionn on with me. What a cool ride! It was so neat to smell the different areas and feel the different temperatures. It was actually like you were really flying.

We went to the boardwalk next and Sean took Mary, Declan and Fionn to play some carnival games. Fionn won the mouse from Dumbo, which made Mary jealous, so Sean told Declan to go win her one, and he did. We tried to get on the Toy Story ride, but there was something wrong with the screens, so the ride was closed. We walked around a little while longer and then headed to Disney.

We decided to find some lunch before going on any rides, so we headed down Main Street. Our usual dining favorites were too crowded, so we decided to head to Toon Town to find some food. The selection was limited, so Sean got the kids hot dogs, apples and milk. We had a turkey club on some weird bread with rosemary in it. It was really dry and not very tasty. When we finished lunch, I took Mary to the restroom, but saw that Pluto had no line, so we took advantage and got a really cute picture. He was super funny, hugging Mary and wouldn't let her go. The employee that was with him said, "It's time to let her go Pluto, she has her own doggies at home." That made him sad, and he pouted. Mary got a huge kick out of it.

After lunch, we let the kids run around Toon Town. We rode the Gadget Coaster twice, once with me and then Sean. I don't know why they like that ride so much. Sean took a really cute picture of Declan and Mary waiting in line together.

On the way back from Toon Town, we passed Pixie Hollow, which the girls have been wanting to see forever, but the line is always too long. This time it was only 15 minutes and we even got to see Tinker bell and Periwinkle. Lizzie was afraid of the fairies and wouldn't stand with them for a picture unless I was in it with her, but Mary was more than thrilled to meet them. Did I mention Declan and Fionn came along too. Declan wanted nothing to do with Tinker bell, he wouldn't even stand close to her for the picture. Which looked really awkward. I of course looked

We couldn't leave Disney without stopping in Frontier Land, so we went there to ride the Haunted Mansion. It's all decked out for  Mari Gras and the food smelled amazing. (Stupid Weight Watchers not letting us eat the yummy food.) Mary, Liam, Declan, Fionn and I all went on the Pooh ride, which was really annoying. By time Sean, Mary, Declan and Fionn got off Haunted Mansion (which got stuck for a few minutes) it was 5pm and the sun was going down. The temperature dropped quickly and the kids were getting tired. We did get to see the lights come on and it was so pretty walking down Main St. at night. I wish we could have stayed longer. I love Disney at night. Less crowds and pretty lights.

For Christmas, one of the gifts Sean got me were these new collectibles at Disney called Vinylmation. His intention was for us to pick out a new character each time we went to Disney, that represented what we did that day. Last trip we had the girls get princess make-overs, so we picked out a princess character. This week we stopped in a new store in Downtown Disney that had a bigger selection of Vinylmation. We bought a Cali. Adventure Mickey and it came with Flight Attendant Minnie, which was perfect since the girls got to watch that show while the boys and I were on Soring Over California. Sean uses OneNote to write a little something about the day and posts a few pictures to go with it. On the way to the car, we had to stop at the ESPN Bar so Sean could get his parking validated. The kids watched Tarzan on the way home. We fed the kids PB and banana sandwiches with apples and chips for dinner and Sean and I broke our diet with an amazing grass fed sirloin steak and potato salad from Whole Foods. We put the kids to bed and watched an episode of Walking Dead to end the day. Other than the rocky start to the trip, it was a good day! Here are a few more pictures from our trip.

Declan and Mary waiting to ride Gadgets Coster.

Sam and Liam chilling.

Mary and Periwinkle.

The group with Periwinkle.

Mary and Tinkerbell.

Lizzie chilling in Frontier land.

Mary hanging on a railing in Frontier Land.

Striking a pose!

Waiting for Daddy and the others to come back from Haunted Mansion.

Mary standing on these cool lights in the sidewalk.

Cian wanted a shot too.

Rainforest Cafe


  1. Oh, Arley! So happy you didn't let that beginning ruin your whole time!! You are super mom!! Great job parking!!! And that puke thing--oh, my gosh, didn't you feel like you smelt like puke all day? I do when that happens....which is not that often, thank goodness. Well, Simeon's puke smells like real puke now, not baby puke...That outfit must have cost like $50 bucks!! What's a person to do though? Gosh you guys made it a wonderful day afterall. No one got sick on the way home?

    Maybe you could handle going to an empty parking lot, and just learning how to park, just as a compromise? I say that, but a situation like this will probably never happen again, right?

    You look wonderful by the way!!
    Such memories from when I was a kid, of course the rides are different now....but some are the same.

    My neighbors daughter (age 22) tried to get a job as a Disney World Princess and she had to wait in line all day, and then they just look at each person, 10 at a time, taking notes, then narrowing it down to their final picks. Out of literally hundreds of girls! Whoever is doing the picking, is looking for a specific look and that's it. My neighbors daughter was so disappointed to not get the job, she hoped to be Jasmine or Belle. (she has long dark hair, but that doesn't matter, they wear wigs) I guess they have to be able to play any part and they all take turns wearing the hot costumes. (there was a name for those, cant' remember) I found it very interesting. I always close up your pictures and look at those princesses to see what's so special about them and think about how hard it was to get their job.

  2. LOL, no I was careful not to get any on myself. I have a phobia of puke. I just scrubbed my hands asap and loaded them up with sanitizer. The outfit cost $40, but close enough. We had to do the same thing two weeks prior when Liam puked in the van.

    I hope it never happens again, but if it does, at least I know how to park, somewhat now.

    I personally thought Periwinkle was much prettier than Tinkerbell, she was a little chunky, but very sweet. Sean works with a guy who dressed up as Goofy. He is tall, so they had him doing several of the bigger characters, like the bear from Jungle Book. He said the costumes are super hot, even in the winter, so they can only be in it for 30 minutes at a time and then must sit and rest for an hour. They do trade off costumes.

    I don't know what they're looking for in the princesses, I do know that every time we go, Aurora is always played by the same girl, where as the others are always different.

  3. Oh man, what a rocky start! LOL! Good for you for parking the car on your own. Maybe you'll find some interest in learning to drive someday. ;)
    I'm glad that everyone still had a nice day at Disney! It's awesome that you all can visit so often!


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