Sunday, February 24, 2013

Applied Psychology 140

Holland's Hexagon
This week has been exceptionally challenging for me. I'm taking one class online at our local community college. It's called Applied Psychology 140 and it's basically an introduction to college. The first six weeks were very easy, so I thought I would breeze through the class with no problem. Until week seven came along. This is the single biggest assignment all term. It's worth 130 points and is very intense.

The first half of the assignment is a series of self-assessment tests. The first test is the Holland Code Quiz.  We had to take two different quizzes from two separate sites. For those like me who flunked out of Intro to Psychology, here's a brief description:

John Holland made it his life's work to look at people and work environments and come up with a classification system that described 1) individual differences and similarities, and 2) a classification of work environments to describe and explain differences and similarities among positions and occupations.
    How closely do you resemble these theoretical personality types? Distinctive preferences, outlooks, competencies, and self-perceptions characterize each type. See the chart on the next page for descriptions of each type.
    Each personality type has a parallel Work Environment. If you think a personality type (partially) describes you, it might also be helpful to look at the environment description. IF you think a personality description (partially)fits you, then you might look for the corresponding work environment. You can also go to the Web sites cited below for descriptions, exercises, and information about college majors and careers that correspond with particular personality type.
My Holland Code results indicated I am an ACS (Artistic, Conventional and Social). I found this to be very interesting. Artistic was marked as my strongest category, which I agree with completely. An Artistic person is expressive and creative. They work best with the arts, acting/drama, photography and creative writing. I love to write, blogging about life, education, crafting, photography and baking/cooking. I enjoy crafting with my children and decorating my home. I love to photograph people and scenery. Conventional was my second category. Conventional people work well with numbers, records or machines in an orderly fashion. They tend to avoid ambiguous and unstructured activities. They do however work well with a set plan in motion. After some thought and discussion with my husband, I found myself to actually fit in this category. I need to have explicit directions, like following a recipe or putting a toy together, step by step. I do tend to accomplish more with a set plan, like a check list, marking off things completed. I like to have things organized, like a bookshelf or my food pantry. I need to have my home school lesson plans color coded and organized by subject. I'm not sure if this fits into the Conventional category or just a sign of OCD, but I do believe it has some merit. My third category was Social, which was no surprise. Social, being those who like to help others, are friendly, trustworthy and helpful. I am all of those things. I love to teach my children, which is why I chose to home school. I enjoy listening to others in need and being supportive.

The second assessment test we were required to take was the Jung Typology Test.
Carl Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist who believed that various personalities had different ways to perceive the world. He hypothesized that there were three important channels through which people experienced the world and that for each channel their was two ways that a person could you this channel. These three dichotomies were; Introversion-Extroversion, Sensing-Intuition and Thinking-Feeling. He published a book on the subject in 1921.

During World War II, Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers began working on a system which they hoped would help women find the right jobs for them. They based their system on Jung's theory of personality types and added another dimension, the Judging-Perception

"My results indicated that I am a ISFJ (Introverted, Sensing, Feeling and Judging) The first letter, I (Introverted) indicates that I like to do things alone or with one or two close friends. I tend to draw my strength from the pictures, memories and ideas inside my head. Sometimes trapping myself in my own little world and forgetting to interact with the outside world. The second letter, S (Sensing) indicates that I am more concerned with actual facts. That is, what I can see, hear and touch rather than relying of faith. I remember details that are important to me, like pictures in my mind. I learn by hands on experience and working out problems, step by step. My third letter, F (Feeling) indicates that I take careful consideration for the feelings and wishes of others. I am considered to be very caring and tactful. I prefer there to be little to no conflict and will do whatever I can to bring harmony to all. My fourth and final letter is J (Judging) and indicates that I like a structured life. I prefer having decisions made for me. I work well with check lists and prefer completing tasks in an organized, timely manner.

From what I've gathered, ISJF types tend to be quiet, friendly, responsible, and conscientious. They live to serve others and rarely ask for anything in return. They take any task very seriously and strive to be painstakingly perfect. They are very loyal and considerate of others, remembering the smallest specifics about people close to them. They are very well organized in both home and work, following specific guidelines and checklists. Their drawbacks, they tend to shy away from decision making and rely on others for guidance. They dislike confrontation and are quick to run from it. They are not good at articulating any distress and tend to be mistaken for "sulking". They tend to see only the facts and don't allow room for "what could be". Overall I found this assessment to be fairly accurate. I do see myself as being very standoffish. I am not one to take action and I tend to hide from tough decisions. However I am very protective of my family and will go to any lengths for any one of my children. I am very detail oriented, needing everything to be done precisely my way. I run by the motto, "If you want something done right, do it yourself." However, in doing everything myself, I tend to feel overworked and underappreciated. Given what has been said, I would fit well in the secretarial, executive assistant and interior design fields." -Clip from part of my report.

Now that I have been labeled as a co-dependent control freak, I feel so much better about myself. The second part of the assignment was to pick a series of careers that would fit well with my personality and values. We had to take a Work Importance Profiler. This would give us a list of the best career options based on our personality, values, skills and interests. Of course after taking the assessment, it spits out a list of suggestions based on my test results. We are to pick 3-4 from this list thet might interest us. The first list suggested careers in the Arts, like Interior Design, Writer/Author and Photographer. Those are all things I love or would consider doing. However the second list suggested careers in Engineering, Teaching and the Health Industry. Other than homeschooling my our children, I would not have the patience to teach other children. I am completely grossed out by the health care industry and I am by no means smart enough in Math to be an Engineer.

The last part of the assignment was a Career Reality Check Assessment. We had to type in all our bills and miscellaneous expenses. Then it adds on taxes and tells you how much all of it will cost annually. It tells you how much you need to make to pay for all your expenses and gives a list of career options in your interest area. If nothing pays that amount, than you either need to cut spending or find a new career that pays more. Of course my career choices were no where near the amount of money we need to make annually, but fortunately, Sean's job does. All in all, this was a long and stressful assignment that I am thankful is finished. I hope to never have to do it again. Poor Sean has yet to start his......hahahahaha.


  1. I always LOVED taking those tests! I did them in college too. =) I really do think that people are a complex mix of several different personality types, especially when it comes to different situations. One person may be extroverted in front of children but feel shy and insecure when in front of adults. I'm glad you took the time to complete the whole assignment. Sounds like fun to me!

    1. The test taking part was fun, it was writing the 1400 word essay that wasn't fun. He had a huge list of requirements we had to meet to get the full 130 points. I have a perfect grade in the class up to this point. I would hate to lose points because I didn't include everything he asked for.

  2. Okay, I just took the first test....and I'm SEA (Social, Enterprising, Artistic). =)

  3. Your result are much more accurate than mine! I totally see all those traits in you!


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