Monday, February 18, 2013

Shingles and Colds

Well, this has been one awful week and a half. Last Sunday, Sean started getting a weird rash on his left shoulder. A few days prior, he was experiencing pain in the same area. He thought it was ringworm, though he had no idea where he would have contracted it. Looking at pictures on the internet, the rash didn't really look like ringworm, but then the next morning Lizzie broke out in a ring shaped rash all over her body. I thought for sure she had ringworm and bought a can of Lotrimin. The rash disappeared in a day. That turned out to be an allergic reaction to something she wore or ate, not sure which of the two.

After a couple days of his rash spreading to his chest and back, he decided to go see a dermatologist. The nurse took one look at him and said, "You have Shingles." He was blown away and asked her if she was sure. She said the Dr would confirm, and he did. The doctor asked him if he was under any stress or had been recently ill, because he is a bit young to have developed Shingles. He gave him an antiviral prescription along with some steroid cream, which he only used once or twice. The bad news, it's highly contagious to anyone who hasn't had chicken pox, which is ALL of my children. However, they would have to touch the sores or have contact with clothing, towels or anything that came in contact with him. So Sean his been in lock down in our bedroom for the last week. It's killing him to not have contact with the kids. They can't understand why they can't hug or play with Daddy. Declan, on the other hand, is completely grossed out by him. He does not want Chicken

We've read all the horror stories about Shingles online. How painful they are, how they last for weeks or months, and how they are so hard to get rid of. Sean has been in minimal pain, if at all. The red splotches are fading away fast, some are gone completely. He thinks the people online are a bunch of babies. He said this has not been bad at all. Well, maybe he should be suffering through the cold from Hell, like the rest of us.

A day or so after Sean came down with Shingles, the kids started coming down with fevers, stuffed up, runny noses and a nasty cough. First was Cian, then Declan and Fionn, Mary, Lizzie, Liam, Sam and finally me. This is not your average cold. This is pure agony. Poor Fionny gets these coughing fits to a point where he vomits, Lizzie as well. Never ending runny nose and a general feeling of your head about to explode. I haven't slept in days for more than 2 or 3 hours. Between kids coughing and crying all night to just not being able to breath. Since Sean is on the antiviral meds. he has not contracted the cold. I almost wish I had his shingles, I want that antiviral medication. At least with it, he didn't feel like crap and could actually function. Poor Sam has been clinging to me like the plague. I can't put him down for one minute without him screaming bloody murder. Meanwhile the laundry is piling up as are the dishes and dust mites.

On a more pleasant note, Valentine's Day wasn't a complete bust. I had planned this really nice evening for Sean and I, but of course that didn't work out, since I wasn't aloud to really touch him. Instead, we ordered Chinese food from one of the best restaurants in SoCal and had a nice candle light dinner. Sean bought me a dozen beautiful red roses, chocolate covered strawberries, two other boxes of chocolates and a big container of Jelly Bellies. soon he forgets. I'm sure I gained a few pounds this week.

I had been scouring Pinterest for weeks, trying to find the perfect cupcake recipe. I can't remember the last time I made cupcakes, but I know they are Sean's weakness and the kids love them, so I thought it would be a nice Valentine's treat. I found these really cute heart wrappers and sprinkles on Amazon. I made everything from scratch, including the cake flour and frosting. The frosting I did find on Pinterest, and it was amazing. (I used both vanilla and chocolate buttercream) but the vanilla cupcakes were from Food Network. I cooked them a little too long and they came out hard. I wasn't thrilled with their flavor either. Sean said they were great, but he was just being nice. Mary flat out said they were "awful". Leave it to a 4 year old to tell you what she's really thinking. At least they turned out cute.

This year we didn't have the money to go all out on gifts, but I wanted to get Sean a gift that meant something. Nearly 12 years ago, back when Sean and I were dating in Arizona, Sean made a promise to his Mother and Sister to return to Mass. That of course meant leaving me in AZ. It was the end of May and our two month courting was coming to an end. He was headed back to Boston the next morning. I wanted to give him something to remember me by, (that didn't end up in Heaven) so I bought him a necklace with a key on it. The key went to a heart pendant that said "He who holds the key can unlock my heart". Yes, it's one of those tacky 80's charms, but it was the best thing I could find at the last minute. He loved it and hung it on his rear view mirror. To this day, it still hangs on the mirror, just two vehicles later. I wore the heart pendant around my neck for 11 years, until the tiny hook snapped off the heart. I was so upset. I NEVER took the necklace off. It was like Sean became a part of me and was always with me, even when he wasn't. Well, when it broke, I didn't handle it well. And when we found out it couldn't be repaired, that really upset me. So, I decided to try and replace it. Of course they don't make the pendant anymore, so I found a site that makes personalized gifts. I chose a sterling silver broken heart key chain that could be engraved with our names and date of choice. So, I had each half engraved with our names and the date of our first date. He loved it. I think he felt bad that he didn't buy me an actual gift, but it wasn't about the gift. It was about our bond. I wanted something that represented how much our relationship meant to me.

Well, that was our Valentine's Day and horrible week in a nut shell. I hope everyone else had a better holiday. I'm off to go watch the season finale of Downton Abbey and do my homework. Happy President's Day!

                                    Sammy eating his cupcake. I don't think he liked it either.

               Sammy says "Dads at work". Sean just had to play this for all the ladies at work.



  1. Shingles, yikes! I'm glad Sean had it "easy" as compared to the horror stories I've heard! Seems like none of us had a good week. ;) Super cute Valentines gift though! Love those that are so well thought out. =)

  2. WOW. Hope you all feel better soon. Especially your hubby. Shingles, I heard, are painful. He must be a touch guy!

    Neat story about the pendant. A treasure to keep forever and to hand down.

    Going to try that frosting recipe. Looks purty.

  3. I think I already told you about my friend that had shingles, she said the same thing, not bad at all...maybe it's really bad for older people, the elderly in homes.

    HOpe everyone is feeling better soon. Glad you had a nice Valentine's anyway. All the kiddos are sick here too. All of them at the same time.

    Love Sammy's lips, sooooo adorable and kissable. Give him extra kisses from me--OK?

  4. Michelle- Thanks Michelle, hope you're feeling better.

    Christine- The chocolate frosting is to die for!

    Jamie- I feel your pain. Its awful when their ALL sick. Sammy is totally into giving hugs and kisses now. He was handing them out to all his brothers and sisters this evening. Of course Sean was upset that he couldn't be on the receiving end. The shingles are almost gone though, but now he's getting the cold. Poor guy just can't get a break. Do your kiddos all have a cold as well? This one is awful and nasty. Hope you guys feel better soon! Oh, and I'll give Sammy extra kisses for you as well!😃


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