Friday, March 8, 2013

New Job and Deposition

I've been holding off on mentioning this for over a month now, but since it's official I suppose it's ok to blog about it.....SEAN GOT A NEW JOB!!!! It's been in the works for over a month. His old boss from T-Mobile called him out of the blue one day and offered him a position as an Area Sales Manager at her new job. For those who don't remember, his department was laid off, along with thousands of other unsuspecting employees nation wide after the huge AT&T merger fell through. His boss took her time finding a new job and ended up with a huge electronics manufacturing company. She is doing the same thing she was a T-Mobile, a District Manager for the cellphone division of the company. That is where Sean comes in. His job is basically the same thing he was doing at T-Mobile. He will have 50+ stores under him and it's his job to visit each one monthly. He's basically their babysitter. Making sure they are up to speed on all the products, answering questions and boosting sales. His area is pretty far from our home, over an hour drive to the closest location, so we may have to move in three months after all. This could not have come at a better time for us. He has been really down lately, hating his current job and feeling like his career path is going nowhere. With this job, they are opening tuns of new divisions and advancement is a definite option for him. On the down side, he has to buy a whole new wardrobe. Since he has lost so much weight on Weight Watcher's, he doesn't fit into most of his old dress clothes. We don't really have a tun of money for him to go out and by new clothes. Any suggestions on where to get dress pants and oxford shirts cheap? As an added bonus, he gets lots of new cellphones and tablets FREE! But that means going back to We are both very excited and look forward to his last day at Microsoft, which is on the 14th of this month. He starts his new job on the 19th and has to fly to Texas for a day on the 25th. (Declan bugged when he told him he had to go somewhere

Not more than 15 minutes after Sean found out he got the new job, a woman shows up on our back porch. (We have the front gate locked for safety) She was asking for Sean, I told her he lived here but she was quite rude and said "I need Sean", she wouldn't even talk to me. (I should have let the dog bite her) Of course he was not dressed, eating his breakfast in his underwear in the kitchen. So he had to put on a shirt. All she did was give him a stack of papers, turned around and left, without another word. Long story short, back when Sean was a store manager in Nevada with T-Mobile, a women fell in front of the store outside. Sean didn't actually see it happen, but because he was the GM, he had to write an incident report. Three years later, a lawyer has been trying to contact him in representation of the outdoor shopping center and T-Mobile. They wanted a statement from him, but he doesn't remember any of the details. So now he has been ordered to submit a deposition. He doesn't have to actually fly to Nevada for it, but he does have to go to another town here and be sworn in on April 3rd. A lawyer for T-Mobile contacted Sean yesterday and said the judge was actually ready to dismiss the case, but he allowed the defense (the outdoor mall) to bring in ONE last key witness. The outdoor mall is trying to put blame on T-Mobile for not reporting a problem with the curb in front of the store. Sean is the key witness because he worked at the store for several months and would have known if more than one person had fallen. So he is going to be drilled for several hours by 1 or 2 lawyers representing the women that did fall. They basically want to get him to say several people did fall, but he doesn't remember if anyone else did. Fortunately, the lawyer representing T-Mobile will be with Sean to make sure they don't bully him. It's a pretty intense case and thousands off dollars are resting on whatever Sean says. He's pissed that he was dragged into this. Now he has to miss an entire day of a new job because of this stupid lawsuit.

So that's our crazy week in a nutshell. Sammy and the "sicken pops" are doing well. We're just waiting for the rest of the clan to catch them. About a week and a half until it's full lockdown around here. I am so not looking forward to it. Sam did really well though. He only had one day of being uncomfortable and then he was back to his playful self. They're all pretty much healing scabs now. I can't wait until they're all gone. I want my handsome baby boy back. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Congratulations on the new job! That is wonderful news.

  2. Wow, what a lot of things going on in your lives!! Congratulations on the job...and so sorry about the lawsuit.

    Hang in there with the chicken pox...and no idea where to get in MN, they get marked down when each season ends...try JCPenny both the store and online?

  3. Happy to hear about the new job! Praise God.


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