Friday, April 12, 2013

There are no words......

Sometimes we become so absorbed in our own daily lives that we forget one of God's most important rules, "Help those who cannot help themselves."

Sean was in a rush this morning to get out the door. He had to meet his boss in Pasadena, which is an hour and a half from our house, by 10:30am. But before he headed out, he had to stop at the grocery store to pick up milk, eggs, bananas and cereal for the kids. Right at the light entering Albertson's was a man who clearly didn't belong standing on the side of that crazy road. People are driving 60 + MPH down that highway, all hours of the day. Sean said this mad wasn't right. He was standing next to one of those AT&T call boxes, the brownish-green, tall boxes for emergencies. He was patting and stroking the thing, and just moving very weirdly. Sean thought he might be mentally ill or on drugs. At one point, he made eye contact with Sean and that's when he knew something was not right. Immediately, he thought to call 911 because he was afraid for the mans life. The light turned green and he turned into the Albertson's parking lot, searching for a parking spot. He looked at the clock and saw it was nearly 9am and rushed into the store to get what he needed....forgetting about the man.

As Sean was waiting in the check out line, there were two firemen in front of him, getting snacks for the day, when they got a call. They immediately took off, leaving their snacks behind. Sean was pulling out of the store when he saw where the firemen had gone, directly across the street. He looked to see what had happened, and there lying in the street, barely moving his legs, was the man he saw on the opposite side of the street. He had somehow almost made it across, but was struck by a white SUV just before getting to the other side. Sean came home minutes later and said to me, "I just witnessed something awful." As he told the story, he broke into tears and said, "If I had just taken the time to call 911 right then, he might have been alright."

Today is our 12 anniversary. Instead of remembering this day as a celebration of our love, we will both remember it as the day "our lives" were more important than saving someone else's....kinda makes me feel sick.


  1. Happy Anniversary,
    I said a prayer for that man. Hard to know what was going on. You guys are busy. Dont feel bad or sick. It is sometimes scary to always know what to do. I always wonder I do enough for others. especially the prolife movement.

  2. The best thing now is to move forward and pray for the man. I'm sure Sean was afraid and sadly rightly so in today's world. Maybe it was the best thing to happen to this man, maybe he will now get services he has probably needed.

    Happy Anniversary--God bless you both. You both have huge hearts.

  3. I can only agree with the perfectly written words from our friends before me. It is in God's hand's...Happy Anniversary to you... : )

  4. Thank you ladies. I know he is in Gods hands, but Sean can't seem to shake the notion that he could have prevented the accident from happening if he had only made one quick phone call. He is definitely in our prayers as well. I still have to wonder, why was he out on a major highway alone, where was his family? Those are things we will never know the answer to.


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