Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

 I have been so overwhelmed these past few months, I just can't seem to catch up on anything. Take Mother's day for instance, here it is almost a week later and I'm just now posting about it. I actually had a wonderful Mother's Day this year. Sean didn't have to work, none of the kids were sick, and Sean wasn't suffering from a stomach bug, so the day was actually about "ME"!

Saturday night, Sean decided to make a French toast casserole for breakfast. He has never had luck with recipes he's found online, so he decided to make it up as he went. Raisin Cinnamon bread, (the red bag you find in all the grocery stores) bacon, breakfast sausage, eggs of course, heavy cream and pecans, chopped. He let it sit, covered overnight in the fridge so it would be ready for the morning. He also gave me my first gift that evening as well. Half  a dozen chocolate covered strawberries from Costco. THEY ARE THE BEST!!! I cannot express my love affair with chocolate covered strawberries. I would seriously take them over sex any

Sunday morning, Mother's Day, for once it wasn't the kids that woke us up at the crack of dawn. Instead it was the freakin dogs barking their fool heads off at someone out front. Declan came to our bedroom door saying someone has a delivery for me and it needed to be signed for. So of course I had to get up and carry my half asleep ass butt downstairs to see what it was. Declan had actually brought in half the package, a giant fruit basket and balloons from Edible Arrangements. The delivery guy outside had another small red box which I had to sign for. Inside was 12 chocolate covered strawberries....LOL. It was from Mom and Dad! I LOVE Edible Arrangements. Their fruit is always fresh and so sweet. Perfect for the kids as well. Since Mom and Dad had started the "junk food festivities" Sean decided to give me another gift as well....a 2 lb. box of See's Candy, nut assortment! YUMMY!!! I am going to be SOOOOO FFFAAAATTT once this weekend is over.

Since we were already up, Sean had a few more errands to run, so I got up and took a shower with Sammy. By time we came downstairs, Sean had all the kids work together to clean up their rooms, the upstairs hallway and the entire downstairs, including the pit of a kitchen Sean left for me to clean up the night before. The day was off to a great start!

While Sean was gone, I cleaned up our bedroom (I know, I shouldn't be doing housework on Mother's Day) and had Declan serve the little ones the fruit from Grandma to tide them over while Sean was out. Of course that didn't go over well, so I had him give them cereal to calm their hems.

When Sean got home, he was very excited to give me another gift, from the kids. The girls brought over a pretty blue bag with a white swan on the front. Anyone who knows anything about crystal knows what that white swan is...Swarovski! Inside was a little blue box with a beautiful necklace. Nine hearts in a row all made of Swarovski Crystal. What more could a girl want! I love it!! The card even had three crystals on it as well. All the kids signed it.

Sean took a few minutes to put the French toast in the oven and dragged me out to our back porch.
He had me close my eyes.....this is what my next gift was! Ok, it actually wasn't in this condition when I got it. I had to put the table together, but that only took 15 minutes and he originally bought two chairs, but went back a couple hours later to get the last two. I LOVE IT!! We have never had a patio set. We have a beautiful patio that we can never enjoy, until now! The pretty red roses on the table were from these sweet little girls our kids play with, I'll get to that in a few....

Along with the patio set was my final gift, a beautiful rose bush for the patio. I am so not a plant person, plants come to my house to So Sean took a chance and bought Miracle Grow rose bush food to help. It looks so pretty sitting in the planter next to the patio set.

Now for the twist in Sean's Mother's Day plans...While I was on the porch putting together the table, here comes Iama to our back gate. She is the 4-year old little girl Mary plays with. (Declan has a crush on her older sister Hanna, but that's a story for another day.) Of course Mary freaks out and just has to go out and play with her little friend. Meanwhile, the casserole is almost finished and half the kids decide to go out and play with the girls. (Keep in mind, it's about 11am at this point...) The kids completely ignore breakfast, Sean is somewhat annoyed because he had this whole time line of events planned, involving food. Iama and Mary are running in and out of the house. Sean feels bad because we are eating and we can't offer any food to Hanna because she is lactose intolerant. So Sean gives all the kids a box of candy Now I have never in my life met two more polite children. Hanna goes out of her way to thank us for anything we do for them. She even asks if there is anything she can help with. AND SHE'S ONLY 11!!!! Her manors are stellar.

While The kids spent the better part of the day playing with the girls, we sat on the porch watching the Red Sox game on Sean's tablet and the Bruins game on his S4, at the same time. We are such tech It was a little warm out, but our patio is covered so it wasn't too bad. The kids were hot from running all over like mad men so Sean gave them all 100% fruit popsicles. By 4pm, Hanna and Iama had to go home. Iama insisted on hugs from everyone and even wanted one from Sean. It was very cute. In the end, we thought it was odd that they didn't spend Mother's Day with their own Mother.....

Iama with the flowers we sent her Mother.
For the rest of the evening, we sat on the porch, had a yummy barbeque with marinated tri-tip, potato salad, corn on the cob and baked mac and cheese. For dessert, homemade strawberry short cake. It was one of the best Mother's Days I've ever had. I am blessed to have 7 beautiful, healthy children (and two adopted girls) and a wonderful husband that went out of his way to make my day special. I love my "little" family.


  1. Hi Arley...always love reading your posts! Sounds like your Mother's Day was awesome! Yummy food...and fun with the fam...and that necklace! Eeeeek! Love it! Yay you!

    Have a wonderful weekend...wish I could join you on your patio with a cup of coffee. And some French Toast Casserole.

    Night, friend.....

  2. So glad you had a wonderful day!! Love the necklace, the patio set, I want to come visit and sit on your patio with you!

    God bless


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