Monday, May 6, 2013

Stress and Birthdays

I have just not had a moment to breath these past few weeks. Life around here has been full of stress, school, work and everything in between. Where to start....

Sean had been working two weeks straight without a day off. The Galaxy S4 launched last weekend and he has been doing nothing but store visits and presentations. He's been pulling 12-14 hour days with school, meetings and computer worked in the mix. He has not had time to breath and had been under enormous pressure to impress the big wigs and make a name for himself. This weekend is looking pretty good for some much needed R&R.

On top of all that, we had a bit of a scare with the landlord. Around two months ago when Sean first started this job, we weren't sure if the commute would work out. We live about an hour and a half from his territory. He contacted our landlord, since our lease is up in June, to see if she would let us stay another year. Neither of us wanted to move again and the area we would have to move to is pretty ghetto. She was totally cool and willing to work with us. Sean told her he wanted to try out the commute and would get back to her in about a month. Well, last Monday, we decided the commute would be alright and Sean gave her a call to renew the lease. She never called him back. He waited a couple of days and sent her a text. Still no response. He was starting to think maybe she was mad at us for some reason. So he called her again. Still she didn't respond. He finally left her one last text Thursday night, which she of course didn't respond to. By Friday morning, Sean was totally stressed out with not only the phone launch, but now we though we were going to have to find a new place to live in ONE MONTH....ugh!!!! I was starting to panic and frantically started searching Later that morning, Sean called me saying the landlord left him a text saying we were good to go, and we could sign a new lease for another year. Of course she gave no reason as to why it took her so long to respond, but in the end it doesn't really matter. There was one huge stress off our shoulders.

In the middle of all the craziness, Fionn celebrated his 6th birthday. His party was this past Saturday. We had a fun day of Xbox and movies. I made cupcakes and Sean barbequed. Below is a video of him blowing out his candles, pretty funny stuff!

Fionny and the Sonic Screwdriver. (Doctor Who)
Toy Story 3 Xbox game.
Stupid Iron

Fionny and the Talking Dalik. (Doctor Who)
Fionny buried in gifts!


  1. Have missed you, Arley...sorry about the crazy stress...I know about looongg hours for the hubby...ugh. What a happy happy birthday boy! Have a nice evening, new bloggy friend!

    1. Thanks Billie Jo! With 7 kids, homeschooling, college and a husband working full time, life is ALWAYS crazy around here.

  2. Yeah, I'm so glad you blogged today! I've been thinking about you. =) I was going to email you soon to make sure you were still alive, LOL! ;) Happy Bday Fionny!

    1. Thanks Michelle! This post didn't even touch on the half of it. I'll email you the "full" details. Hope you guys are doing ok with the move.

  3. life is always crazy..until we are dead.
    that is how it is at my house too.

    but good thing for birthdays and sweet boys who like IRON MAN!!!!

    Happy Happy Birthday!

  4. Loved the video!! You sound like me with your comments!!:)

    So sorry about the stress filled month, work, house worries!! So happy how things turned out good in the end though!

    Great to see a post!


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