Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter with Angele

This is Angele, she is our neighbor who has become a part of our family. Her husband passed away and her children want nothing to do with her. She is a wonderful women and we are so please to be able to help her in this final stage of her life.

Hopes First Easter

Sunday, April 27, 2014

It's Been Awhile....

I know, it's been a really LONG time! Life has not been easy since Hope was born. I guess there is a limit when it comes to big families, and we've maxed ours

Lets see, where to start.....

Sean started a new job a month or so ago. The money is AWFUL, but at least something is coming in. Hope is finally sleeping through the night at 12 weeks. We were walking zombies for months. To the point where we wanted to kill each My stress level have been through the roof with starting a new school year, trying to finish my own school year, and maintaining a home. There just isn't enough hours in a day. I finally gave up and dropped my class this term.

We started a new, FREE curriculum this year. Seton's was out of the question with Sean's new job, so we had to compromise. It's call Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool and the kids love it. It's not perfect and I do have to get creative with some assignments, but it gets the job done.

On a different note, it's funny how life brings you gifts, when you least expect them. I'm referring to our new neighbor Angele. She is a 79 year old widow (her husband of 49 years died last Feb. from Parkinson's) who rented the townhome next to ours about a month ago. She is in the early stages of Dementia and has no family other than her 14 year old dog Kati. She's very scared and lonely and has no concept of time. She loves children and has adopted ours as her grandchildren. Sean has really taken to her, which is very surprising. He feels genuine sadness for her and has taken it upon himself to help her daily. She spent Easter with us and had a wonderful time. She told Sean, after her husband died, she prayed to God to give her a family that would love her and she in return. I guess God answered her prayer, because she found our family and we love her too!