Friday, November 14, 2014

Crazy Times

This has been some of the most stressful months we as a family have endured. We've gone through death, illness, long lost parents, unemployment, being totally broke and lots of stress. I don't have the time to go through EVERYTHING, but here is a quick rundown of our crazy 6 months....

- Death of my Aunt Rene

- Interview after Interview

- My long lost Father drops back into my life (after 35 years)

- Stomach bugs

-Urinary Infections

- Crazy Background Check

- Broke, Broke, and more Broke

- New Job!!!

- Crazy Trip to KS

- Sean gets food poisoning in KS (Don't ever eat the food in KS)

- Two Plus Months of Late Birthday Parties (Part of being broke)

-Finishing School

-Way Behind in Homeschool

- Hospitalized 84 Year Old Father

Yes, it has been a crazy 5-6 months. Not much of it was fun either. But the good news, Sean finally found a job that he is happy with and will pay the bills. He is back working with a major wireless carrier as a Business Account Manager. Its a little different than what he is use to, but he is a GREAT salesman and is going to KILL IT at this job!

On a crazier note, so the last time I posted, I saw a rather strange comment that sent chills down my spine. It was a comment made by a man with the same name as my biological father, Chuck Anderson. I instantly knew who it was, but wanted to be sure. So I sent him one single message and sure was him. Now I can't explain the emotions that went through me. You wouldn't be able to even remotely understand what I was feeling unless you went through it yourself. However, I will say I felt a rush of fear, happiness, anger, sadness, disgust, and even resentment. He gave no excuses, just that he was sorry he walked out on me and....5 or 6 other kids (not with my Mother). Of course before I even attempted to speak with him, we did a background check on him and didn't like what we found. Now some things are forgivable, but others....not so much. I spoke with him for a couple months, but when we ran into some serious financial troubles, I had to give up some communication. In the end, he calls himself "Dad" but my DAD is the amazing, wonderful, fun-loving guy who raised me since the day "Chuck" walked out of my life. I thought I could grow to accept him as a "dad", but it just doesn't feel right. He's kind of like the elderly lady next door, it was fun getting to know her, but then her true colors started to shine through, and they weren't so pretty.

With all the craziness, we had a huge setback in our home school and are still in the 3rd term. I am hoping to finish it up by December, so we can blow through the 4th term and finally take a much needed break and reassessment of our curriculum.

Well, I better get back to my 8 crazy kids. Mary just tripped Declan and to get back at her, he punched her in the stomach. Liam gave himself a buzz cut and the dogs just ate what was left of the chocolate birthday cake.....sigh, which Liam opened the fridge to allow access too....I really need a vacation....far....far....away.....

Here are a few pictures from birthdays, growing babies, and Sean's lack of actually working, while working...Have a great weekend!

Mary & Lizzie Play with the iPad

Elsa & Anna for Halloween 2014

Hopey's First Halloween 2014

Hopey's First Ponie Tail

Voicing her opinion

Shopping at Oriental Trading Company

More iPad fun

Chilling with Liam and Hopey

Lizzie and Hopey bonding time

Pure Love!

Its a Mary sandwich!

Feel the love!!

FF's Forever!

My big girl

Sam sleeps anywhere

More love

Standing alone for the first time! 9 months



  1. Always happy to hear from you!
    Loved the pictures of your precious family, and happy to hear that your hubby is back to work. Have a cozy weekend. : )

  2. Loved seeing pictures of the kiddos. My my how they have grown!

    It is good to hear from you!!!


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